Engagement Gateway Health & Social Care

Nerys started her learning journey with Educ8 on the Health & Social Care Engagement Gateway programme for young people NEET.

From the onset of the programme, Nerys arrived punctually, smiling and always enthused about what the days learning had in store. This immediately had a positive effect on other members within the group. From making tea and coffee for all her peers on arrival she continued throughout every session to participate fully, and embrace every second of her learning. But more than this she supported and encouraged all her peers both inside and outside the classroom.

The work she submitted for her qualifications during the 6 weeks training she completed within centre was clearly researched and presented with thought and clarity, and she was successful in passing all her knowledge units towards the Health & Social Care QCF. She enjoyed the training element of the course so much that she applied to a college course to study Youth Work; upon starting the course she submitted the following letter of thanks to Heather Evans, the Engagement Gateway course Tutor:

‘I started my youth work short course yesterday with YMCA College. Guess what? I’m going to be a University student! I’m down to do it in September!  I have you to thank massively, you are my inspiration and because of you I know I can do it! Mega excited!  It’s through Newport University but I will be studying at the YMCA College in Cardiff. It’s a 2 year foundation degree and it’s in youth and community work. I’m excited that it’s run through the college, it’s a group of about 12 so hopefully a good group who can all support each other! I have to do it, I know if I don’t I will regret it forever! I want that cap and gown!’

Heather was so pleased to hear the news, saying ‘I’m just so very proud of her, and so pleased that her experience with Educ8 has inspired her to strive for bigger and better things and to expand her education. This award and recognition is deserved and would also give her an incredibly sense of achievement.’

‘For someone who was never really academic in school I thoroughly enjoyed the Engagement Gateway programme and was really sad when my time with Educ8 ended! I really do think that our amazing tutor Heather made it such a rewarding experience for us.  She shared her personal experience of her own goals and achievements and that inspired me so much.  She helped me see that I could overcome the obstacles that I thought were there and go that one step further.  She really is a credit to your company, I think if my teachers in school were anywhere near the league of Educ8 Tutors’  I  would have achieved so much more.’

After being been unemployed and unsure of which career path to choose, Educ8 has provided Nerys with qualifications and more importantly the confidence to progress onto University. She has shown passion and determination and feels competent to continue her learning journey within higher education.


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