Healthy Lifestyle

We recognise that, whatever job you do, you need to maintain a balance between your work life and your home life.

So we have developed a number of resources to help you do just that. They are freely available and are there to support you throughout your career.

Through our partnership with VSP Wales Ltd, we have a developed a shared Wellbeing Hub that is available to you at all times. It provides handy advice and guidance on how to stay happy, healthy and stress-free.

Through the Wellbeing Hub you can access information on topics such as depression, career development, bullying, fitness, healthy eating, work-life balance, etc. You can access the Hub online at:

Our approach to environmental issues is based on ensuring that our business practices limit    damage to the environment and creating a sustainable environment within the communities we serve for future generations.

Educ8 is promoting healthier lifestyles towards their staff and learners. Ways in which we intend to do this is by encouraging them to use public transport for longer journeys and walk for shorter journeys.

Educ8 also stand by their Green Policy and work hard to reduce energy consumption, working from home is now something that is heavily promoted.

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