4 Easy Ways To Motivate Your Team

It’s an important task of any leader to create a positive and collaborative work environment for their team. Many factors can influence motivation and performance, from organisational change to a period of low sales. Ensuring success and productivity through these periods is more likely if you positively motivate your team.

The Level 3 or Level 5 ILM programme at Educ8, challenge delegates to reflect on the people-focused aspects of their leadership style and develop skills in motivating their staff. Here’s some tips from our expert team at Educ8 to motivate your team:

1. Communicate the company’s vision

Turn your company’s vision into reality for your team by creating a clear, relevant roadmap of the way ahead. Making your team feel a part of the company vision will inspire them to take ownership of their role and motivate their performance beyond expectations.

2. Empower your team

By providing support and involving your team, empower them to take the lead in solving problems and making decisions. Watch their confidence and competency increase so you can delegate tasks more, and increase the overall productivity of both you and your team.

3. Offer regular opportunities for self-development

Set clear goals for development and encourage training. Regularly check-in to monitor progress to give individuals on your team opportunities to grow.

Whilst it’s essential to encourage development, don’t forget to take the time to celebrate the success of each of your team members!

4. Foster collaboration within the team work environment

There’s lots of great reasons to make sure you create a positive atmosphere within your team. Not only does it provide a pleasant place to work, but individuals who are encouraged to be happy are more likely to work harder, be more productive and offer more innovate and creative solutions.

Leaders can use lots of different strategies to do this and the exact approach you take will depend on lots of factors from your leadership style to your sector.

Whether it’s learning strategies to respect the autonomy of each team member’s working style, building an inclusive communication environment or encouraging your employees to disengage sometimes, taking steps to improve your team’s happiness is critical to every company’s success.

The LEAD21 Programme

We hope this article helps you reflect on your leadership style and think about new ways of motivating your team. The LEAD21 programmes at Educ8 are an invaluable opportunity for aspiring managers and senior leaders to develop their skills in effective leadership.

Team leaders and aspiring managers can benefit from our ILM Level 3, where they are exposed to the latest trends in understanding leadership styles, reflecting on their preferred patterns of leadership behaviour, and considering how effective these are in working practice and their impact on the culture of their organisation.

Designed for senior managers and leaders, the ILM Level 5 programme is the perfect opportunity to take the time to assess various management theories and implement changes to your leadership style in order to effectively develop and lead your team.

Prepare to reflect on your ability to adapt your leadership styles to different situations and people, and how you carry out leadership functions in setting direction, motivating, delegating and empowering those on your team.

Each delegate on our LEAD21 ILM programmes is offered a coaching session in the workplace, which we believe is crucial in supporting delegates to transfer knowledge gained during LEAD21 back in to the workplace.



May 3, 2018
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