6 Tips To Be A Successful Adult Learner

As Adult Learners Week 2018 gets underway, the spotlight is on the benefits of lifelong learning. It’s never too late to pick up a new skill, take up an entirely career path, or return to work after a significant time away. Here are some top tips to help you become a successful adult learner.

Keep it varied

Adding variety to learning can be highly rewarding. Therefore, learning in your own time and at your own pace is important Adult Learning programmes combine different methods of learning for a well-rounded experience, which you can fit flexibly into your daily schedule.

Make learning a habit, not a chore.

Make learning a part of your everyday routine by incorporating habits that encourage it. Set aside a fixed time and place for your chosen activity. It might be 15 minutes every morning or evening to read a chapter of a book or to complete an online course. Everyone is different so find out what works for you. New habits take time to form – how long will depend on the nature of the habit – so be patient with yourself.

Be social

Learning doesn’t have to be a solo endeavour. Join an organisation, club or mailing list that’s involved in an area you’re interested in. Participate in workshops or group learning events whenever you can. If nothing else, join a virtual book club or even a Facebook group to help make your learning a social (and fun!) experience.

Go online

If the idea of returning to a classroom makes you apprehensive, ease your way back into a learning routine by starting with online classes. Educ8 now have online formal and non-formal courses and flexible programs that allows learners to incorporate online learning into their education. In fact, many returning adult learners prefer online courses because of the flexibility to learn from home.

Stay motivated

One of the keys to staying motivated and exciting about your new course or programme is to keep yourself interested, which means you probably won’t want to be staring into a textbook for the next several hours.

The biggest difference between adult learning and going to school? Chances are, you’ve made the decision to further your education on your own, because you’re passionate about the topic you’re studying, eager to advance your career, thinking about moving jobs or are looking for a relaxing hobby to help you unwind.

Just be yourself

Too often adult learners focus on the struggles they will face going back to learning and forget that they have life experience that other, more traditional students don’t have. Identify and accept your positive qualities and contributions as an individual and a learner. This asset gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences from a unique perspective to your classmates.

If you are looking to return to work after a career break, seeking that promotion or career change or just want to expand your skill set – then talk to our team about the Educ8 LEAD21 Leadership & Management courses and apprenticeships we offer across a whole host of sectors. Call us on 01443 749 000 or email enquires@educ8training.co.uk.



June 14, 2018
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