Apprenticeships: A Solution To The Skills Gap In Wales?

Apprenticeships are on the rise in Wales- slowly but surely employers are realising the potential that work based learning offers in relation to filling organisational skills gaps and attracting and retaining the best talent on offer.  The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy on 6th April 2017 has definitely created a new stimulus for employers to engage in Apprenticeship programmes as they are keen to gain some benefit from this new UK Government-driven employment tax.  Apprenticeships are, however, designed to cater for both levy and non-levy paying employers and funding is currently available across a wide variety of occupational routes, ranging from Engineering to Health and Social Care and includes higher level programmes in Leadership and Management.  The programmes can be used to upskill existing employees or to recruit fresh new talent into the organisation, either way, Apprenticeship funding is no longer restricted to younger people, eligible individuals of all ages can now enrol onto a learning programme to develop their skills and get recognised for their work-based competencies.

‘38% of Educ8’s Apprentices are studying high level qualifications at Levels 4 or 5’

The benefits of Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning are huge and Apprentices are proven to provide employers with a substantial return on investment.  In fact, a recent National Audit Office study revealed that for every £1 of funding spent on an Apprentice, they return an average of £18 in productivity. Other benefits include:

  • Bespoke, tailor-made and sector-specific training programmes designed in-line with the employer’s business needs and the individual’s job role
  • Current and relevant on-the-job training that relates specifically to the learner’s evolving working environment and remit
  • Development of other essential skills including; communication, problem-solving abilities and digital competencies as part of the Apprenticeship framework
  • Support with organisational succession-planning and recruitment at no cost
  • Developing loyal and motivated employees who feel valued and appreciated
  • Potential pathway from Jobs Growth Wales 6-month work placement

Educ8 is currently working in partnership with hundreds of employers for the delivery of Apprenticeships and vocational qualifications, including; micro organisations, SMEs and large firms.  We are approved to deliver across South East and West Wales as well as across England.

Contact Educ8 today to find out how you could benefit from the Apprenticeship programme.

‘Apprenticeships have been critical to our organisation’s growth and success, particularly when used as a progression pathway for individuals completing a six-month Jobs Growth Wales placement with us.  Educ8’s Assessors have been brilliant in working closely with us to understand our business and develop a tailored programme for our organisation.  I would highly recommend Apprenticeships and Educ8 as a provider’.  Colin Voisey, CEO Cleartech Live Ltd.

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June 4, 2017
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