Care & Repair: The Story So Far

Educ8 has an established relationship with the charity Care & Repair, specifically the Advice & Guidance qualifications. Care & Repair help elderly people in Wales live independently in their own homes. We interviewed Vera Brinkworth, Head of Business Development at Care & Repair (pictured right along with Educ8’s Jay Dauncey) on her views of Apprenticeships and on Care & Repair’s experience with Educ8:

1) What impact have apprenticeships had on Care & Repair?

Apprenticeships have given caseworkers here at Care & Repair more confidence and they have given them recognition that the work they do is valued. They do amazing work and their skills, knowledge, thinking outside the box and problem-solving for the clients are amazing. The whole service that Educ8 offers is very client-centred and provides recognition that they are doing a professional job. They also gain a professional qualification which is accredited and recognised outside of the Care & Repair movement.

2) How long have you worked with Educ8?

Care & Repair has been working with Educ8 for around 12-18 months. Educ8 first came and spoke to all of our chief officers about the Advice & Guidance qualification that they deliver and it has developed from there.

3) How have you found the process with Educ8?

I have found Educ8 very open and easy to communicate with. The Advice & Guidance element of the qualification has been brilliant and they have all enjoyed it. At the end of the process learners have found the style of reflective learning very useful.

There have been a couple of hiccups with the mandatory Essential Skills element, particularly with the maths aspect, as a number of our caseworkers are more mature – it has been a confidence thing and a barrier for some learners. But Educ8 has been very good, supporting the learners through the element. I have had great feedback on the Digital Literacy element of the Essential Skills and that it has been very useful both on a personal and professional level for learners.

4) What advice would you give to other employers looking to undertake Apprenticeships?

I would say go for it as we should all be committed to life long learning and as a movement Care & Repair is certainly committed to life-long learning. If you support your staff through the process and give them time in work to do it your staff become more engaged and committed to the organisation, and it is a way of showing them they are valued by investing in them. I would definitely recommend it.

5) Would you recommend Educ8 and why?

I would recommend Educ8. They have been amazing with responding very positively if there has been an issue or a problem and finding the right solutions for the individual learners.



March 14, 2019
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