Childcare Learner, Abigail Achieves Bilingual Apprenticeship

Congratulations to one of our learners, English and Welsh-speaking Abigail Hathway who has recently achieved her bilingual apprenticeship in Childcare at Level 3. This is a fantastic achievement for Abigail, and she hopes to progress on to a higher qualification to develop herself further.

Abigail has worked at Meithrinfa Si-Lwli’s, a Welsh medium nursery based in Whitchurch, Cardiff for three years. She is grateful that her parents chose to educate her in the Welsh language as due to this she is able to work in a job that she loves.

Abigail explained “I think it’s really important to have the option to do these qualifications through the medium of Welsh.

I love being able to speak Welsh at the nursery and with friends. At school, it wasn’t seen as cool to speak Welsh, but attitudes have changed and the ability to speak the language now opens so many doors”.

Educ8 believe it is important to be able to offer their leaners the ability to learn in Welsh to further develop their linguistic skills set.

Abigail’s assessor, Rhian Weeks of Educ8 said “I think it’s very important for apprentices to be given the opportunity to learn through the medium of Welsh because it means they don’t have to change their terminology and their best practice can be captured.”

If you would like to find out more information on completing a government-funded apprenticeship in Welsh, please contact us on 01443 749000 or head over to NTfW’s website to read more on Abigail’s story.



December 3, 2019
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