Digital Marketing Level 4 Apprenticeship

Educ8 have recently rolled out some new exciting marketing apprenticeships including Digital Marketing Level 4. This qualification is fully funded by Welsh Government.

The qualification will equip learners with the skills to use digital media to attract and engage with current potential customers through methods such as online advertising, email marketing and SEO. The course will allow participants to gather rich data and conduct granular analysis using a range of analytical and creative skills over and above those demanded in traditional marketing and advertising.



- Learners should have experience of the digital marketing sector prior to undertaking the apprenticeship.

- This high-level qualification requires learners to have good literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

- Ideally suited to those currently occupying Marketing Manager / Director positions or those aspiring to progress to this level in the near future.



The qualification is delivered using a variety of digital learning resources such as:

- Podcasts

- Webinars

- Social Media Tools

- Smart Rooms

- Mobile Technologies

- Immersive Technologies


Example Job Roles

- Digital Marketing Manager/Director

- Digital Marketing Analyst

- Social Media Marketing Manager

- CRM Manager

- E-Commerce Marketing Manager

- Mobile Marketing Manager

- Acquisition Manager

- Search Engine Campaign Marketing Manager

- Email Campaign Manager

- Video Marketing Director

- Video Marketing Online Channel Manager


Would you like to find out more? Speak to our CustomerAccount Manager, Sian on 07935 074458 or contact Head Office / 01443 749000



May 21, 2020
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