Educ8 Group achieve ‘Top 100’ status for 6 years in a row

The Educ8 Group are beyond proud to be one of the few companies in the UK to achieve ‘Top 100’ status for 6 years in a row.

Educ8 attended the awards ceremony in London on the 19th February 2020, where it was announced that Educ8 had achieved 24th place in the ‘Best Companies To Work For’ category. Based on the feedback received in staff surveys, businesses are ranked in accordance with everything from their recruitment and remuneration policies to workplace learning opportunities, staff engagement and overall working atmosphere – all things that Educ8 works hard to get right for its people.

Educ8 Group (incorporating ISA Training), CEO Grant Santos and CFO Steven Lewis thanked all staff for the hard work and dedication shown by all over the past 12 months, which has culminated in the organisation reaching the top 100 in the Sunday Times Best Companies list for the 6th year running.

Grant Santos said: “Once again, this is a fantastic achievement and you should all be extremely proud of retaining our 3-star status for the sixth successive year. It is easy to underestimate the significance of this award, especially when you hear how many organisations try for years to break in to the top 100. It really puts what you all have achieved into context.”

The Educ8 Group, incorporating ISA Training, offer Apprenticeship programs throughout Wales and England across a wide variety of sectors. For further information email



March 11, 2020
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