Educ8 retains the Green Dragon Environmental Standard Level 3

The Green Dragon Environmental Standard (Level 3) recognises Educ8’s highly effective environmental management systems. These includes energy usage, the disposal of waste and transport consumption. The workplace learning and apprenticeship specialist is proud of its ongoing commitment to continual environmental improvements that aim to protect the environment.

Educ8 provides a high-quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, whilst also ensuring that all compliant legislative commitments are met, thereby minimising any potential threatening impacts on the environment.

In working to renew the standard, the company’s main Green Dragon targets are to reduce energy consumption, improve waste management practices, decrease carbon emissions and increase awareness regarding sustainability.

Tracey O’Neill, Head of Business Improvement at Educ8, commented: “As a company, we aim to promote our policy in every way possible through the use of our website and HR system, encouraging our many learners and staff to view on a daily basis. We’re eager to not only practice sustainability but advocate it too.”

Educ8 has also adopted the ESDGC (Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship) platform within its work-based learning programmes. This is a key focus throughout the learner journey where seven themes are discussed in great depth: health; consumption and waste; choices and decisions; climate change; identity and culture; natural environment; and wealth and poverty.



April 1, 2019
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