Entrepreneurship As A USP

Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs have long been the subject of many studies from Eton to Harvard and indeed Moscow to China.  Are they born or are they made? What are the fundamentals that make an Entrepreneur? What is without doubt, however, is the impact that an entrepreneurial spirit can have on local communities and businesses.  If we in Wales are to create a diverse, thriving economy what is without question is the role and significant impact that the entrepreneurial economy can make.

Educ8’s CEO, Colin Tucker, has strong views on the subject of entrepreneurship. He developed and sold a residential care home group to a VC group based in London and has been instrumental in several acquisitions as the Educ8 Group has grown with phenomenal success, culminating in a Sunday Times Best Company to Work For rating of 6th place in 2017. He also owns a hair and beauty wholesaler and a small construction company.

Colin believes that people are the single most important factor in business “I am simply the catalyst for the success we achieve at Educ8, what we have created is an ethos that is values driven, an organisation that everyone takes a great deal of pride in, what really drives me on is to see people succeed and achieve what they thought they genuinely could never hope to. We have so much talent in South Wales, we just need to nurture that talent.”

To find out more about how Educ8 could support your employees to think more critically, creatively and adopt more of an entrepreneurial mindset, contact Educ8 today:

Tel: 01443 749011

Email: colint@educ8training.co.uk

Web: www.educ8training.co.uk



April 7, 2017
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