Health & Social Care Employer vMeet

On Wednesday 30th July, the first Health and Social Care Employer South Wales vMeet took place. The online meeting was arranged by the Educ8 Group and saw participants from various social care settings across South Wales accept invitations to attend and discuss updates to the sector, share ideas and seek advice and support from industry leaders.

The vMeet, using Zoom, was hosted by Grant Santos, Chief Executive Officer for the Educ8 Group, who introduced Gethin White, Social Care Wales. Gethin gave an in-depth description of the AWIF (All Wales Induction Framework) and encouraged others on the call for feedback and findings of their own experience of the AWIF.  

Suzi Gray, City & Guilds gave invaluable information and advice on the new level 4 & 5 qualifications for the Health & Social Care sector. Suzi explained in great detail the changes to the current qualifications and what is entailed within the new level4 & 5 qualifications.

Training and development of staff is of critical importance to the sector. Emma McCutcheon, Quality Manager of the Educ8 Group led a session to explain how the Educ8 Group have adapted their delivery of learning during the COVID-19 lockdown, using a wide range of digital resources.

The vMeet was recorded for those who were unable to attend and can be viewed here

August 5, 2020
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