How can Advice & Guidance help you improve client support?

The Advice & Guidance qualification provided by Educ8 is a Level 4 Apprenticeship qualification created to benefit professionals working in the private, public and third sectors, by providing expertise and teaching transferable skills for people in different roles across industries. This qualification is tailored to individuals who are already in a job role where they need to provide information, advice and guidance services to their clients. These roles can be from a variety of settings, from private companies to third sector organisations and charities e.g:

  • careers guidance
  • trade unions
  • education
  • housing
  • rehabilitation
  • human resources
  • health and social care

So, how can this qualification help you to improve client support?

During this qualification, you will gain skills that will encourage you to be better equipped to advise clients, manage any mediation processes effectively and provide support for other practitioners – helping boost your skills to guide clients in considering their options to determine the best course of action that they will need to take in overcoming barriers, as well as train you in the best steps to ensure impartiality and confidentiality when dealing with clients.

You will be better positioned to understand legislation and procedures, negotiating on behalf of your clients and providing information materials. You will develop a good awareness and/or further understanding of equality and diversity issues, improving your skills in providing specialist advice and guidance to clients as well as networking with associated services and reporting to senior management. You will also acquire or improve the skills to diagnose problems, as well as research, interpret and explain legislation and official documents to clients.

Undertaking this qualification will improve your interpersonal skills, encouraging you to relate to people from different backgrounds, providing or developing strategies for helping others to reach solutions to their problems should they appear anxious, upset or angry – developing your skill set on coping with stress and emotionally charged issues.

In short, this qualification provides you with the reassurance that you are competent to perform extremely well within your job role at the required industry standard, therefore, greatly improving client support.



June 24, 2019
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