How Educ8 Made The Times Top 100 Small Companies List For The Fourth Year In A Row

The Educ8 team are extremely proud to have been listed in the Times Top 100 Small Companies to Work once again this year! We believe that the reason we’ve make the list four years in a row lies with our exceptional delivery of training courses in a myriad of areas, from Childcare to Engineering and Manufacturing.

Since Educ8 was founded in 2004 by chairman Colin Tucker with the aim to deliver world class vocational training programmes across Wales, we have provided approximately 15,000 learners with the tools and qualifications to progress in their chosen career paths.

The Educ8 Group also makes up two of the four companies within the VSP Consortium that deliver high quality work-based learning across Wales, and we are very excited to announce we’ll be expanding into the South West of England early in 2018.

As part of our digital excellence, we are also actively producing LEAD21 training courses that enhance online support for our learners with courses ranging from ILM Level 3-5. And, we are pleased to report that according to our learners we are continuing to provide first class training solutions:

‘LEAD21 course is so different to other ILM Courses due to the technology aspect, which I found second to none. It’s definitely the way forward! I found the delivery was excellent, really engaging…’

Burton Biscuits

‘The LEAD21 Course has been a bit of an eye-opener and has given me the time to reflect on my own practice as a manager and leader.’

Welsh Water

‘Working with Educ8 is a pleasure, the support and services that [they] provide is undoubtedly seamless. They are responsive, reliable and professional. Thank you Educ8!’

The Wallich

We are always enthusiastic to gage feedback from our learners as well as employees, and believe wholeheartedly in our vision and values. We use these values to create the work life balance culture and coherent open-door policy that help our internal stall join our learners in believing that they can fulfil their potential with Educ8.

We know we’ve ranked in the Top 100 Small Companies because we take care to make our employees feel like a part of the Educ8 group. After all, we spend a lot of time with our work family! We strive to continuously recognise company achievement and employee contribution such as monthly and annual GR8 awards for staff, employers and learners, which is why we’re also in the 30 Best Companies to Work for in Wales!

If you are interested becoming a great employer yourself by training and developing your staff, or you’re looking for future vacancies with Educ8, contact our team.



April 18, 2018
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