How To Return To Learning

If you are looking to change your career, develop new skills or just meet new people, then getting back into learning could be the answer.

The thought of going back into study is pretty scary, and is probably not a decision you’ve taken lightly. Everything else seems to be more important and seems to take more of your time. But no matter what your age, it is never too late to go back to the classroom and pursue your dreams.

Traditionally, if you wanted to get back into learning as an adult, you had to take a course in the evening (after your 9-5 job finished) and sometimes on the weekends. But now there are many options to explore – from online courses and night school to taking the plunge as a full-time mature student – there is a path to suit most situations.

What type of adult learning option you go for largely depends on the subject. Courses are available in anything from leadership and management, to childcare, health and social care along with business administration and customer service.

Whatever you reason for returning to learning, there is also lots of help and support available to you.

Returning to learning after a career break

Learning is not only enjoyable, but if you are interested and engaged in the subject, then it can be fun too! A great way to catch up on anything you missed out on at school, or equip yourself with the new skills you need for you next career move. Every career requires a certain element of keeping your figure on the pulse and staying ahead of the game when it comes to showcasing your skills.

Understanding your strengths

Living in today’s world means having to learn new things all the time. Even if you haven’t been inside a classroom for years, you’ve probably still been picking up the key skills needed to make you a successful learner:

  • organising your time
  • asking questions
  • listening to people
  • recognising your strengths
  • problem solving abilities

Finding the right course for you

Don’t be put off if you’re not keen on exams as there are many courses which let you show what you’ve learned in a less formal way. Assessments can also mean:

  • building up a portfolio of work as you go along
  • a practical demonstration of your skills

Many courses offer you the chance to study in a way that suits you, so you can fit learning around other commitments. You could consider a course that lets you do some or all of your studying at home. This type of course is called ‘self-study’, ‘distance learning’, ‘open learning’ or ‘e-learning’.

Brush up on your ‘Essential Skills’

If you didn’t quite make the grades in your school days, you may need to bridge the gap to meet certain course entry criteria. This can be done by completing the Essential Skills Wales course, which also addresses digital literacy. Certain apprenticeships require learners in Wales to have the Essential Skills qualification, but it is a great way to bring your essential skills up to speed and give you the confidence to apply for your chosen course.

If you are looking for some guidance on returning to learning, then call one of our friendly advisors on 01443 749 000 or email



June 21, 2018
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