Insider and Educ8 survey results on apprenticeships in Wales

Insider Media and Educ8 Group have worked together to conduct a survey with a number of businesses and organisations across Wales, revealing a mixed picture whereby businesses are struggling to recruit suitably-qualified staff but in many cases are unclear as to what apprenticeship and workplace learning opportunities are available.

77 per cent of employers agreed that they would recruit more apprentices if they felt more financially supported, while only around a quarter felt that the current apprenticeship system is working (a similar proportion disagreed).

Educ8’s CEO Grant Santos commented: “Matching the provision of Work Based Learning Programs to the skills gaps that exist in our labour force is where, as a nation, we can extract maximum value from funded education. Educ8 Group continues to take an active part in that process to ensure that our communities receive the support and upskilling opportunities that they require.”

Read the full survey results and interpretations here:



March 17, 2019
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