Leadership & Management Apprenticeships

Educ8 offer a range of ILM accredited qualifications from Level 2 through to Level 5. These qualifications are fully funded by Welsh Government.


Team Leading Level 2:

The ILM Level 2 Team Leader qualification is suitable for learners who have become team leaders within the last 12 months. It includes a comprehensive introduction to their role and responsibilities and will help learners to focus on business objectives to ensure team success.

Example Job Roles:

- Aspiring Team Leader

- Team Leader

- Supervisor

- Line Leader

- Leading Hand

- Section Leaders


ILM Management Level 3:

ILM Level 3 is ideal for first line managers and experienced team leaders looking to progress to the next level of management. The aim of the qualification is for learners to develop their management skills to effectively support the development and performance management of their team.

Example Job Roles:

- First line managers with proven competence

- New Managers

- Aspiring Managers

- Senior Team Leader


ILM Management Level 4:

ILM Level 4 helps learners to develop their knowledge and skills required to take on higher level responsibility such as planning and implementing change. The aim is to help learners develop core leadership skills, improve working relationships and develop middle managers with proven skills in operational management.

 Example Job Roles:

- Middle Managers

- Aspiring Department Heads


ILM Management Level 5:

ILM Level 5 gives managers the tools to critically analyse their business and implement improvements. Upon completion, learners will be able to improve their own leadership performance, manage strategic change and make robust and informed management decisions that focus on achieving operational goals.

Example Job Roles:

- Operations Manager

- Regional Manager

- Divisional Manager

- Department Manager

- Other specialist managers


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June 17, 2020
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