Meet Ynyr, Educ8’s new Welsh Development Officer

The Educ8 Group are taking positive steps to proactively play a key role in developing Welsh language skills to meet the growing need for a bilingual workforce. The appointment of Ynyr Higham reflects the Apprenticeship Training Providers’ strategic plan for Welsh Language and Culture across the Group.

Working with staff, learners, employers and other stakeholders, Ynyr’s new role ensures that positive steps are taken to develop Educ8’s bilingualism strategy to promote and increase the use of the Welsh language. Working closely across all Apprenticeship programmes, the role has the opportunity to implement positive change and be the voice of work-based learners across the Educ8 Group.

Grant Santos, Educ8 Group Chief Executive Officer commented “Ynyr's role will ensure all learners get the best from their Apprenticeship experience. It is vital that we ensure that as many apprenticeship programmes are delivered through the medium of Welsh or bilingually. Education and the workplace are two domains central to the prosperity of the Welsh language. Our education system is the main source of new Welsh speakers. The use of Welsh in the workplace is a way of increasing the confidence of Welsh speakers, raising the status of the language, and normalising its everyday use.

Ynyr commented “My focus will be undertaking a specific review of the position of the Welsh language for Educ8s current provision, tackling the factors preventing increased use of the welsh language.  I will also work with staff, learners and other stakeholders, to ensure that the Group promote and deliver Welsh language learning and that Welsh culture is fully embedded into curriculum. I’m really looking forward to building relationships and also translating resources for curriculum content and for Trainer Coaches, as required”.

A significant number of Welsh speakers lose their Welsh language skills following the end of their statutory education; Educ8 are passionate that their Apprenticeship programmes are a crucial element to ensuring progression of opportunities to use the Welsh language from education into the workplace. Apprentices who have Welsh language skills benefit the economy and are an important element of workforce planning strategies therefore they have the potential to help meet the demand for Welsh language skills in the workplace.

All learners have access to Educ8’s bespoke Moodle platform, specifically designed for apprentices to develop Welsh language skills. This dedicated resource encourages insight into Welsh history, the Welsh language and the benefits of gaining Welsh language skills. Educ8 also have (27) colleagues enrolled on to an Online Welsh Language course for beginners, which once completed will engaging further staff members, promoting the benefits of bilingualism.


November 17, 2020
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