Motivating Performance For Results

It’s normal for you and your team to experience a dip in motivation now and then and getting staff motivation levels back on track is an important skill for any manager or senior leader. Here we share our top tips to keep you and your team motivated.

Always recognise good work

Probably the biggest source of motivation is recognising the hard work of team members. If someone puts in the extra effort to produce exceptional results, make sure you value their work by congratulating and thanking them. Taking the time to give specific feedback on a team member’s contribution will motivate them to perform well consistently.

Set achievable goals

When you and your team are working on a large project, use a tool like Trello to set small, achievable goals so everyone can see the progress they are making and the contribution of their work to the overall goal. Every time a task is checked off the list is a boost of motivation for your team. Don’t forget to set regular goals to celebrate progress.

Share the bigger picture

People are more motivated when they can see the purpose behind their work and where it fits into a bigger vision. Schedule quarterly team meetings with your team so they understand where their work fits within the larger goals of the company.

Take regular breaks

Taking the time to rest and refresh is essential for staying motivated and maintaining a healthy attitude to work. Your team won’t be able to perform well if they are burnt out, so set an example by taking five-minute breaks from your desk every hour. You never know – you might get fresh perspective on a task!

Don’t micromanage

Give your team freedom around how and when they approach tasks and get work done. By trusting their judgment instead of micromanaging, expect to see an increase in motivation and efficiency as they approach work using tools and techniques that emphasise their individual strengths.

Teamwork is the dream work

Being part of a team is one of the best sources of motivation. Does everyone on your team pull together to produce exceptional results? Collaboration is a source of productivity and happiness in the office – when one person is struggling, their teammate is there to support them. Create a work environment that encourages teamwork and promotes collaboration, and your team will be resilience against dips in motivation.

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May 24, 2018
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