£150m Welsh skills shortage, 3/4 of organisations can’t fill roles

47% of Welsh organisations increase their internal training budgets in reaction skills shortages

A recent report in Business News Wales reveals that the majority of Welsh businesses are unable to fill roles as they would like to due to skills gaps within various sectors, with managerial roles proving the most difficult to fill.

Employers are finding it a struggle to recruit for key roles due to candidates lacking the necessary skills to fully carry out those roles. However, to counter this many organisations in Wales are investing internally in their own workforce, with workplace training and development opportunities created as a sustainable way forward.

This ties in perfectly with Educ8’s core message – that work-based training is the most effective way of managing specific skills needs, developing well-trained and loyal staff from within.

Welsh organisations have increased their internal training budgets in the last 12 months in an attempt to close this skills gap and combat identified recruitment issues.

With this in mind, Educ8 Training offers fully funded qualifications to Welsh businesses to further develop their workforce through work-based learning, encouraging organisations to build talent from within.



July 31, 2019
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