Who Needs Advice & Guidance Qualifications?

The Advice & Guidance Qualification provided by Educ8 is a Level 4 Apprenticeship (NVQ/QCF) created to benefit professionals working in the private, public and third sectors, by providing expertise and teaching transferrable skills for people in different roles across industries.

Who is the Advice & Guidance Apprenticeship targeted at?

The programme is tailored to individuals who are themselves in a job role where they need to provide information, guidance and advice to their clients. These roles can be from a variety of settings, from private companies to third sector organisations and charities.

Organisations whose employees we currently deliver training to include:

  • Citizen’s Advice Bureau
  • Mind
  • Llamau
  • United Welsh

Advice & Guidance Careers

The Advice & Guidance Qualifications are targeted at those who work with clients in professional or volunteer organisations offering advice and guidance services. The programme is suitable for anyone aged over 18 working in a range of different sectors, from careers guidance, trade unions, education, to housing, human resources or health and social care.

Who benefits from advice and guidance training?

How will this apprenticeship benefit you?

Legal firm employees

Legal advisors who’ve completed the Apprenticeship will be better equipped to advise clients, manage the mediation process effectively and provide support for other practitioners.

The programme will also help boost your skills to guide clients in considering their options and determine the best course of action, as well as train you in the best steps to ensure impartiality and confidentiality when dealing with clients.

Career advisors & recruitment consultants

People in employment advisory roles who complete the Advice & Guidance Qualifications will be better positioned to understand legislation and procedures, negotiate on behalf of their clients and provide information materials. You will also acquire a good awareness of equality and diversity issues.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this course and it has suited me down to the ground as I deal with unemployed individuals who need support and guidance to find a job. It’s great to have a qualification to back up what I do on a daily basis and the skills I’ve learnt have given me more confidence when dealing with clients.”

Kathy O’Brien, Project Manager, Regener8 Cymru

Business consultants

Our programme is designed to help business advisors improve their skills in providing specialist advice and guidance to clients, as well as networking with associated services and reporting to senior management.

After completing the Apprenticeship, you will also acquire the skills to diagnose problems, as well as research, interpret and explain legislation and official documents to clients.

School guidance councillors

The Advice & Guidance Qualification will aid advisors and guidance councillors working in the education sphere by improving their interpersonal skills, training them to relate to people from different backgrounds.

The programme is also a great source of expertise for councillors, whose job involves dealing with anxious, upset or angry people, as it provides strategies for helping others reach solutions to their problems.

Social workers

The Advice & Guidance learning programme covers essential skills and subject knowledge for social workers, such as advice skills, employment law, homelessness, money advice, and welfare benefits. The qualification also provides tips on coping with stress and emotionally charged issues, which is a key skill in this sphere.

How will the apprenticeship benefit employers?

The Advice & Guidance Apprenticeship will provide employers with the reassurance that their staff are competent to perform their job roles at the required industry standard. The qualifications we offer provide opportunities for employers to invest in the continuous improvement and development of the members of their team by enabling life-long learning.

The Advice & Guidance Qualification is offered as a fully funded Apprenticeship at Level 4.  Download this guide to the Apprenticeship and get in touch to apply.

Here at Educ8 we offer an Advice & Guidance programme as a fully funded Apprenticeship (Level 4). Find out more about the Advice and Guidance programme or get in touch to apply.