Abigail’s Story

ILM Case Study: Hafal

Abigail Roberts, Community Practice Leader for mental health charity Hafal, completed the LEAD21 course in December 2017. In this video, Abigail shares the knowledge and skills she’s gained on the course, what’s unique about LEAD21’s ILM award from others on the market, and her advice for managers thinking about enrolling on the programme.

At the end of the video, Abigail’s manager describes the benefits of her training to her role in the organisation as well as her professional development.

Gaining knowledge and skills on the LEAD21 programme

I now feel an ability to evaluate my own skills. I know what it is to be a leader and how to build the tools and systems that we have learnt into my role and the team.

Personal as well as professional development

The biggest change has been confidence in my own ability. The course has helped me overcome my self-doubt and given me a fresh sense of how to implement changes and benefit the team in a positive way in the future.

A stand-out ILM programme on the market

The classroom element of the course is a style of learning that works for me. It really helped to have leadership and management theories clearly explained before doing my own research.

It’s also a bonus to study with people across different services and organisations. Even though we’re from different sectors we have similar issues and challenges, so we could really help each other when working through the processes we were learning.

Advice for future participants

If you are thinking about enrolling on the LEAD21 course, be prepared to commit some time. The sessions are close together and my top tip would be to schedule time for homework in between the classes. It’s a really positive thing to do so make that time and go for it!

What Abigail’s manager says

Russell Workman is Training & Development Coordinator at Hafal. He says, “The LEAD21 course has been an opportunity for Abigail to reflect on herself as a manager and learn other models of leadership. I can already see that the course has helped her identify where she has good practice and strengths, and where she can improve. She’s doing things differently, delegating more and encouraging more responsibility within her team.

Given the benefits that Abigail has had from the course, I would send other members of staff to the LEAD21 ILM course.”

Want to follow is Abigail’s footsteps?

If you’ve been inspired by Abigail’s experience, then why not take a closer look at the benefits of attending the LEAD21 ILM courses or view our LEAD21 course dates. If you have any questions that you’d like answered then take a look at our FAQs or send us an email.