Alice’s Story

We first met Alice at Ystrad Mynach College where she was looking to complete a HSC qualification.  Unfortunately, she did not meet the criteria to do this.  Alice was so shy and quiet and clearly lacked confidence; she also had concerns as to whether she would be able to complete the training due to her being partially sighted.  Helena spoke to her and gave her the opportunity to come to the office and see the facilities and have a further chat.  Alice came down with her son and her guide dog Philly and agreed to give the course a go and she did.

Alice was extremely nervous but joined in with all the sessions.  In the first week she completed her CIEH First Aid level 2 which she had been told in the past she would not be able to complete due to her disability.  This did not stop her and she really enjoyed the session.

The next concern she had was ICT she was afraid that she could not use the laptop or that she may break it. On the first part of the session she had one to one support with Helena to complete her CV and to create an email account, this was a big step for Alice. We adapted the laptop by sticking larger letters on to it which were on a yellow background.  This gave Alice the opportunity to create her own leaflet and send emails with attachments.  The confidence that came from this was immense.

Alice was  nominated as “Learner of the Month” which is an award that is open to all learners who are currently working towards a qualification or taking part in a programme within the Educ8 group.  The nominations are put forward to all members of Educ8 group staff to vote.  Alice was the successful candidate for July which is an amazing achievement.   


Alice has since contacted me to give me a bit of an update.  She has been continuing to go to Ystrad College where she has been completing her English and ICT qualifications and she has gained: C grade in English. For Alice to have completed this qualification is an amazing achievement in itself, however, she went on to tell me that she did apply to Birmingham University and has been offered a place on the Foundation Degree in Sciences Rehabilitation Work (visually impaired) course which is an amazing opportunity for her.  The Degree will take her two years to complete and she will also be completing a work placement to give her the experience to be a Rehabilitation Officer.

Alice is an inspiration to all, her journey with Educ8 and Sight Cymru has been absolutely life changing for her.  She is now a confident lady who knows exactly the direction that her life is taking.  Alice said that she would never have had the confidence to follow this route without the help and support that she has had from Educ8 and Sight Cymru.

We are extremely proud of everything that Alice has achieved.  She is a shining example of how the WCVA Active Inclusion funding partnered with organisations like Educ8 and Sight Cymru, can make such an amazing difference to someone’s life.