John’s Story

ILM Case Study: Burton’s Biscuits

John Jones, Engineering Manager at Burton’s Biscuits, completed the LEAD21 course in December 2017. Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear John discuss how the course challenged his perception of himself as a leader, improved his digital skills, and increased the contribution he makes in a results-driven business.

Reflecting on leadership style

When I walked into the LEAD21 course I was certain that I was one type of leader. Through the tools that we used to understand leadership, I learnt that you can always improve aspects of yourself to be a better manager and leader.

The team advantage

I’m employing the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt for my own personal development but I’m also going to use the development plan for individuals and teams as well.

A stand-out leadership programme

The technology aspect of the course stands out from other ILM leadership programmes. The course covers digital tools like Google which is the way forward.

The teaching is engaging and focuses on application. I’d studied and used some of the models before but I’m using it in a different way so I’ve got a lot of benefit out of it.

Advice for future participants

The delivery of this ILM course is definitely the “next level” way of learning from courses I’ve attended previously. I liked the training on the Google suite and the live online feedback from tutors as I was studying.

Benefit for a results-driven business

Modern business is so urgent and results-driven that releasing people for long lengths of time to invest in their learning and development is difficult. Hopefully the benefits my organisation will see in my management and leadership style will justify it.

If I have to release people to study the ILM course, short and sweet is far better. The technology base of the course adds a competency with real added value.

Want to follow in John’s footsteps?

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