Julia’s Story

Before embarking on the Engagement Gateway Dare 2 Care programme, Julia had been unemployed for 6 years, although she had done some volunteering for Barnados and MIDAS, during which time she discovered that she enjoyed working with people in a caring and supportive capacity.

During her recruitment interview, we were blown away by her determination to learn new skills and develop a Career in the Social Care sector and she was offered a place on the course immediately.

Throughout the programme, Julia displayed excellent attendance and achieved all of the qualifications that were on offer, including Essential Skills Wales (literacy and numeracy) and Work Skills. Julia also completed 6 mandatory Health and Social Care workshops linking directly to the QCF level 2 qualification.  Julia’s approach to the programme was fantastic!  She was extremely eager to learn and became a role model for other participants on the Dare 2 Care project, offering peer help and support to other less able participants in order to encourage them to achieve.

Julia received intensive employability training and support throughout the 6 week training period and this, along with the sense of pride that she developed as she achieved new skills and qualifications, allowed her confidence to soar.   Julia quickly started to apply for job vacancies and it wasn’t long before she was snapped up for a position as a Support Worker within Church Village Care Homes in RCT.

Educ8 is still working closely with Julia as we are continuing to support her to complete a fully funded QCF Level 2 in Health and Social Care.  We hope to continue to work with her for the duration of her career and to support her progression to a Level 3 and eventually a Level 5 qualification.