Paul’s Story

ILM Case Study: RMS

Paul Hodges works in Merchandising & Retail Support at RMS. He completed the LEAD21 course in December 2017. Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear Paul explain how the course challenged him to reflect on his leadership mind-set and evaluate his decisions. At the end, Paul’s manager describes the benefits of his training to the organisation, especially his structured approach to problem-solving.

Reflecting on my leadership style

The LEAD21 course gave me the skills to stand back and look at my business, and reflect on how I manage my teams and myself. It challenged me to change my mind-set and do things differently. The course has helped me consider how I could improve in ways which are integral to my business, such as how I develop my teams and how I develop training.

Back to basics

The skills I’ve learnt have helped me reflect on how I bring value to the business. Sometimes in business we need to act quickly, but the course has made me think about my decisions and evaluate outcomes in a more in-depth way.

A stand out ILM programme

The difference between LEAD21 and other ILM programmes is how you interact with other managers on the course. Even though we only met every couple of weeks, the course encourages us to use technology (for example Google classroom) to keep in touch. The fact that everything is delivered online is the way forward.

The LEAD21 experience

The whole process for me has been very open. I thought I was in a good place as a manager and I was set on my approach. The course made me rethink that and took me on a journey where I realised there were areas I could improve. That for me has been the most valuable aspect of the LEAD21 course.

Advice for future participants

If you have the opportunity to take this course, go for it. It’s unique and completely different from the norm but the interaction I had with the tutors is second to none; I received 1-2-1 feedback that developed me as a leader.

Another tip would be to make the most of interacting with the different people you are attending the course with.

What Paul’s manager says

Paul’s manager says, “The most significant difference has been a more planned and structured approach to problem solving on a day-to-day basis, which benefits both Paul and the business.

The digital delivery of the course offers an alternative to the more traditional approach. It’s important that there’s choice so people can choose the course delivery which suits them.”

Want to follow in Paul’s footsteps?

If you’ve been inspired by Paul’s experience, then why not take a closer look at the benefits of attending the LEAD21 ILM courses or view our LEAD21 course dates. If you have any questions that you’d like answered then take a look at our FAQs or send us an email.