Sarah’s Story

ILM Case Study: Welsh Water

Sarah Crofts, Team Manager at Welsh Water completed the LEAD21 course in December 2017. Watch the video or read the transcript below where Sarah shares the knowledge and skills she’s gained on the course, what’s unique about LEAD21’s ILM award from others on the market, and her advice for managers thinking about enrolling on the programme.

At the end, Sarah’s manager describes the benefits of her training to the organisation as well as her professional development.

Gaining knowledge and skills on the LEAD21 programme

The programme has been an eye-opener because it has allowed me to reflect on my own practice as a manager and leader. Different models are explored and explained so I now know that I can try different approaches to my role as a manager and see if they work to develop my team.

I’ve really benefited from studying with other managers and leaders across different sectors on the course. Understanding their best practice and challenges has helped me to reflect on my role as a manager.

It’s a team advantage

My team are going to benefit from my newfound knowledge as I pass on the things I’ve learnt and implement new approaches to develop the team.

The digital difference

The LEAD21 programme uses a digital platform and engaging visuals as part of its delivery of the course. I’ve found that using digital presentations as a teaching method improves how I demonstrate things I’ve learnt on the course.

Advice for future participants

Do your homework. Spend time on each module and go over what you have learnt that day. I would definitely recommend starting the preparation for your final presentation during the programme rather than leaving it at the end.  I would also say share a lot with your class. The more you do, the more you will learn from them.

What Sarah’s manager says

Sarah’s manager says, “Sarah’s a natural leader and I wanted her to learn the theory to reflect why she’s making the decisions she’s making.

Having attended the programme, I can see she’s learnt that what she’s doing is the right thing and she’s got confidence now in what she’s doing. Her attendance on the course has really brought the team on. She’s already gone through the models on her team and implemented beneficial changes.

As her manager, the other benefits of the course are its short length and use of digital interactive technology which means we’ve seen the benefits really quickly. As an investment it’s been great because I’ve had payback in a matter of weeks rather than a tradition ILM course which would take 6-7 months to complete.

The LEAD21 course is the way forward and the option of digital content is definitely preferred over the traditional learning model. Sarah’s role requires her to be digitally savvy; the course focuses on developing digital skills to benefit teams and organisations.”

Want to follow in Sarah’s footsteps?

If you’ve been inspired by Sarah’s experience, then why not take a closer look at the benefits of attending the LEAD21 ILM courses or view our LEAD21 course dates. If you have any questions that you’d like answered then take a look at our FAQs or send us an email.