Tania’s Story

After being made redundant in August 2012, Tania George was left wondering whether a change in career was the right decision for her. Tania was made redundant from the food manufacturing industry where she had worked for 8 years as a Line Manager.

After gaining some experience in Care, as she had cared for her grandmother for many years, Tania took the risk and decided that she wanted a complete career change and wanted to look in to developing a career within the Care industry. Tania loves to help people as much as she can and has always been a good listener so felt that Care was the ideal route for her. Tania thought this change in career would also compliment the course she was already studying, the Diploma in Counselling.

Careers Wales recommended that Tania visit Educ8 where the relevant programmes and support were offered. Tania decided on the spot that Educ8’s course was exactly what she wanted and signed up to the programme just before Christmas.

Tania started the Passport to Health and Social Care programme in January 2013. “I was very nervous when I first started especially because I had lost a lot of confidence since being made redundant but thought it would benefit me to gain qualifications,” said Tania, who found being back in the classroom quite difficult to begin with but managed to develop confidence and bonded well with the group. She also spent time in the evenings researching the topic which she had covered earlier in the day to help her gain even more of an understanding and enhanced her enthusiasm for each topic.

Before leaving the programme in March, Tania applied for a job as a Support Worker and after just one interview received the fantastic news that she had been offered the position. Tania said “If you had told me this time last year that I would be going in to Care I would never have believed you, I would have never thought I would be able to do this. I thought I would be doing the same job until I retired in manufacturing.” She went on to say “The help I have received from Educ8 since I have been made redundant has been amazing, the tutors were amazing and I am sad to leave.”

Educ8 can now support Tania with her QCF in Health and Social Care Level 2 helping her progress in her new found career.