Tom’s Story

Tom heard about ILM when working for another employer some years ago and he undertook an Introductory Award in Management.  He found that this provided him with a good foundation for management and equipped him with some useful managerial tools and tips to implement within his team.

Since then Tom has progressed into a more senior role as an experienced outdoor professional for Atlantic College.  He is now responsible for a wider team; has input into the strategic direction of the company and is accountable for a variety of important organisational KPIs.  Tom found that with the added responsibility came a need to develop and be able to execute high-level leadership and management skills as these were skills that he had acquired organically rather than having been formally trained.

Tom was also keen to gain formal recognition for his achievements and was looking for certification to allow him to progress/move onto other jobs in the future as he continued to develop- the Level 5 ILM qualification provided Tom with that recognition that he was looking for.

‘I find the ILM workshops and face to face learning with Educ8 very useful and enjoy the company of my fellow learners. Especially learning from their experiences in similar, but also very different situations.  I have used the learning to define my role as a leader in a more structured way and also provide better control and systems to which I hold my team accountable. It also helps me to identify problems and respond in a more educated and informed way in terms of behaviours, efficiency, emotional intelligence etc.  The Educ8 Tutors have been very engaging, and I can honestly say that the training has had a really positive impact on me.

As consequence of completing this course myself, I have also enrolled my team in the relevant levels of ILM Leadership and Management (3 and 4) to help them better understand their roles but also for them to see the reasons why I am now suggesting new ways of doing things. It will also help with their own CPD as they progress in their own career pathways.’

Well done Tom, we wish you all the best in your future career developments.

– Tom Partridge, Atlantic College