Equine Apprenticeships

The Educ8 Group is a values-driven, ambitious and dynamic organisation, led by Chairman; Colin Tucker, CEO; Grant Santos and CFO; Steven Lewis, alongside an experienced senior management team. With over 14 years’ experience in delivering high quality vocational training programmes, Apprenticeships and Traineeships.   We recognise that our employees are our single most valuable asset. We have high expectations of all staff and everyone is required to perform and deliver value. This creates an environment that is both challenging and rewarding. We strive to be the employer and learner provider of choice in the vocational areas we deliver in.

Educ8 Training places a huge emphasis on employing high-quality, industry-experienced staff which means that we can deliver world class Apprenticeship programmes for those already in employment.  These programmes are developed with a focus on providing industry led skills and experience. With an in-depth understanding of the sector’s training and apprenticeship requirements, our highly experienced team of trainers/coaches deliver a comprehensive range of apprenticeships that run from level 2 through to Level 5. Educ8 Training understand that every apprentice and employer is important and have varying requirements, we work with you to ensure the most appropriate training solutions are delivered.

Britain has one of the highest quality equine industries in the world and is internationally recognised as the leading source of equine expertise. Horses are found to be all around the country.

The equine industry in the UK is both vibrant and valuable, contributing £7bn a year to the economy. With around 1m horses in the UK, the industry has a gross output of £3.8bn a year and provides full time employment of about 200,000, many in rural areas. The opportunities are vast, livery yards, riding schools, racing yards, training yards or using harnessed horses all provide an enriched learning environment for apprentices.

The apprenticeship covers many specialisms, but all deal with the welfare, supervision and riding of horses. Your training will focus on general horse care developing the “hands on” skills that are essential for maintain the horses’ physical and mental wellbeing. As an apprentice, you could find yourself in one of many job roles, such as stable hand, groom, stud assistant or riding instructor. You’ll learn how to take care of horses, which will include everything from feeding and grooming through to exercising/competing.

The Equine Groom apprentice will need to decide in which sector of the industry they wish to progress and select the appropriate occupational route.

There are FIVE specialised routes for the employer and the apprentice to select from to suit job role and responsibilities;

  • Breeding specific
  • Driving specific
  • Racing specific
  • Riding specific
  • Non Riding specific

Expected Duration: 12 -18 months with a minimum of 12 months

Are you considering an Apprenticeship? Are you a parent? If so please contact educ8england@educ8training.co.uk or 01443 749000 for more information. Like our Equine Facebook page for the latest updates and information!