Information for Parents

We know that you only want the very best for your child and their future, that’s why we offer only the highest quality Apprenticeships in partnership with the best employers.

Whether your child has succeeded in school or college or not, an Apprenticeship is a great way for young people of all abilities to get onto the career ladder whilst continuing their learning and development.  An Apprenticeship will allow your child to gain experience and skills relating to the world of work, earn a salary and gain a nationally-recognised qualification- all without having to pay any fees and/or get into debt.  Furthermore, evidence shows that individuals with an Apprenticeship are more likely to gain promotion in their place of work.

If you’d like to learn more about Apprenticeships, then read our Parents Guide To Apprenticeships or search our current list of Apprenticeship vacancies across Wales.

“It’s great that my son, Matt, is completing a Customer Service Apprenticeship with University Cribs, they seem to be a really supportive employer and he is also enjoying the training element with Educ8. Matt was unemployed for 6 weeks in between graduating and starting work. Since undergoing the Customer Service Apprenticeship Matt has developed many skills, this has aided him in every aspect of the working world and I am excited to see his developments as the course continues.  Thanks Educ8 for helping Matt to find this opportunity!”

Mrs Sally Oughton (Matt’s Mum)