Kickstart your professional development with a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship

Leadership and Management training isn’t exclusive to team leaders who want to upskill. You can jump straight into learning on the job and fast forward to being a qualified manager with our Leadership and Management Apprenticeships. The courses are perfect for school leavers keen to get a professional accreditation.

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Benefits of Leadership and Management Apprenticeships for school leavers

You may just be starting off your career, but in a matter of years you will join the ranks of future leaders in the industry. One great way to make sure that you have the essential skills to progress and manage your own team is completing a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship.

Going beyond the job, the qualification will also provide you with important life skills. Here’s some of the tangible advantages of starting a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship:

  • A fast track to a professional career as a manager
  • Learn as you earn, saving on costly course fees
  • Gain an insight into the ins and outs of leadership by the book as well as in practice
  • Know what your strengths are and make the most of them in the workplace
  • Hold a qualification that will be recognised across the UK and internationally
  • Meet and learn from the best in the industry

What’s more, your fresh ideas, backed by professional leadership training, make you a valuable team addition for current or future employers who might otherwise be running a business that is going a bit stationary.

The importance of developing Leadership and Management skills amongst young adults

We’re out to prove that there is no such thing as “too young to lead”. One Leadership and Management Apprenticeship at a time, we’re showing young people that you don’t have to dedicate years to slowly making your way up the business ladder to become a manager.

In fact, leaders under 35 rank higher in efficiency compared to their older colleagues, provided that they receive the training they need. Training programmes and mentoring will help you develop the skills you need to reach your full leadership potential.

By gaining Leadership and Management qualifications you give yourself a competitive edge in a world economy hungry for young leadership. Follow the example of famous young entrepreneurs like Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and prove that young age isn’t a barrier for being a successful leader!

With the training opportunities now available for young people, you can start honing your leadership skills before you’ve even entered the workplace.

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