Personal Assistant Training Courses

Being a Personal Assistant is not as straightforward as some might think. Far from simply running routine errands for Directors, PAs need a range of practical skills to successfully run things behind the scenes.

Having a professionally trained Personal Assistant will make a huge difference to the working life of CEOs and department heads. They will be supported in their daily tasks and strategic duties, meaning they will have more free time on their hands to dedicate to the bigger business picture.

What’s included in our Executive Assistant Courses

The Personal Assistant courses offered by Educ8 are perfect if you want to get a head start building a career in the field. The programme we offer includes in-depth coaching for both Personal Assistant roles and the more senior Executive Assistant position.

Find out what’s the difference between a Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant.

During your Personal or Executive Assistant Training, you will acquire the key skills you need to support executives and build up the confidence you need for the role. Upon completing the programme, you’ll have the know-how to:

  • thoroughly familiarise yourself with the business strategy and objectives
  • build up knowledge of the unique characteristics of your executive
  • remain one step ahead of the executives
  • support the business across various platforms
  • positively influence the company culture

Our Personal Assistant training courses are equally valuable for aspiring PAs/EAs and those newly promoted to a PA/EA role who are looking to embellish their skills.

Personal/Executive Assistant Course Structure

The bespoke training is a combination of on the job learning and personal mentoring sessions designed to provide individual support. The programme will be tailored to meet the needs of the PA/EA, as well as the requirements of the executive team and the business as a whole.

An example Personal Assistant Training programme will include:

  • Meeting with the executive team and key members of staff
  • On the job observation to understand the key aspects of the role, the business processes and the company structure
  • Hands-on experience managing daily PA tasks and delivering the responsibilities of the role as a whole
  • Further training based on individual areas of improvement
  • Final evaluation report, complete with recommendations

…along a range of other pre-training, in-training and post-training activities.

The benefits of Executive Assistant Training

Completing our Executive/Personal Assistant training course provides PAs/EAs with detailed coaching on managing the responsibilities of their role, helps them understand their company’s business strategy and the career development opportunities available to them.

The programme is also beneficial for directors who want to wholesomely support their PA/EAs and improve team productivity. Our coaching for Directors helps executives fully understand the PA/EA’s remit and ensure they are a good fit for the business. Recognising their assistant’s strengths also allows managers to provide them with professional support.

Download the full Personal Assistant Training programme overview.

To book your place on our Personal and Executive Assistant Courses, please email or call on 01443 749000.