Playwork Apprenticeships

The Playwork apprenticeships available at Educ8 include both Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications, so you can choose the one that is best suited for you based on your career goals and past work-based experience.

Upon completing your Playwork qualification, you’ll be awarded a course-specific certificate, as well as a City & Guilds QCF Diploma in Playwork. As part of the funded Playwork apprenticeship framework, you will also receive Essential Skills training in Communication and Application of Number.

What units are included in the Playwork qualifications?

Depending on the apprenticeship level you choose, you will be required to complete a set of mandatory units.

Level 2 Playwork Apprenticeship mandatory units include:

  • Playwork principles
  • Play environment
  • Support children and young people’s play
  • Relationships in play environment
  • Health & safety in play environment
  • Safeguarding & Welfare of children & young people in play environment
  • Develop own playwork and team practice
  • Contribute to the health, safety, security and welfare of children
  • Help to improve own practice and the work of the playwork team
  • Reflective playwork practice
  • Support relationships in the play environment
  • Work with children and young people to create play spaces and support freely-chosen self-directed play

The mandatory units for Level 3 Playwork Apprenticeship are as follows:

  • Understand playwork principles
  • Understand children and young people’s self-directed play
  • Understand how to safeguard the well-being of children and young people
  • Understand the organisational framework for play
  • Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people
  • Understand the relationships in the play environment
  • Understand health, safety and security in the play environment
  • Understand how to plan for and support children and young people’s self-directed play
  • Engage in personal development in health, social care or children and young people’s settings
  • Contribute to an organisational framework that reflects the needs and protects the rights of children and young people
  • Develop and maintain a healthy, safe and secure play environment for children and young people.

In addition to their respective mandatory units, learned in both Level 2 and Level 2 Playwork courses would also be required to select a number of optional units.

How long does it take to achieve the Playwork qualification?

On average it takes learners about 12 months to complete the course, regardless of whether it’s Level 2 or Level 3, during which time they are supported by highly qualified assessors. That being said, how quickly you get through the framework varies based on your personal motivation and commitment to completing the tasks you are assigned.

How are the Playwork apprenticeships delivered?

Both levels of the Playwork qualification are delivered in a combination between individual assessments, in-work observation and workshops. Knowledge units will be covered in workshops which will take place at one of our Educ8 centres be booked in advance, along with your essential skills training.

You will also have monthly visits from the qualified Assessor that you’ve been assigned, who will observe your work and set you a range of tasks to complete. Each of these monthly sessions will last approximately 2 hours.

The benefits of a Playwork apprenticeship

If you are passionate about helping young people develop important social skills and a healthy lifestyle through the fundamentals of play, an apprenticeship in Playwork is the ideal stepping stone for a career in the field.

Over the course of our NVQ/QCF qualifications you will learn the principles and values of playwork, as well as the technical skills and positive attitude essential to working within the Childcare sector.

Some of the additional benefits of completing a Playwork course include:

  • Being able to ensure the children are safe and feel involved, and provide a sympathetic ear and helpful advice to the young people confiding in you.
  • Have the know-how to plan, organise and participate in play opportunities for children of various ages
  • Have a competitive edge when applying for a position in the growing number of soft play and child’s play businesses opening up
  • Learn to work both as a team and on your own, always adopting a ‘can-do’ attitude to your role
  • As part the Level 3 qualification, which prepares you for a more senior role, your will also learn how to supervise your own team of playworkeres and ensure they are following procedures.

Your career could take you in a number of different directions, from youth groups and play centres to after-school and holiday play schemes, as well as more specialised settings such as hospitals, family services and refugee centres.

From Play Centre Assistant or Assistant Playworker to Senior Playworker, the choices of job roles across a number of private companies, volunteering organisations and local authorities open to you after achieving the Playwork qualification are endless.

Find a full breakdown of what’s included in the qualifications in our Playwork apprenticeship course outline. Sign up for our Playwork apprenticeships today by emailing or calling on 01443 749000.

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