Social Media Level 3 Apprenticeships

The Level 3  Social Media for Business qualification is fully funded by Welsh Government and the training is delivered at your place of work.

This qualification is aimed at those who are actively involved in the use of business Social Media platforms. There is no requirement for a Learner to have any previous or formal experience in the use of social media for business, but the Learner will need to be able to demonstrate that they will be taking an active role in the companies social media strategy.



What are the timeframes?

The time it takes to complete the framework depends entirely on your commitment and motivation to complete the required tasks.

Generally, learners complete within 15 months.

Learners are encouraged to set aside approximately 1 hour per week of personal time to work towards the completion of their qualification.


What next?

To sign up or enquire, please contact our Head Office on or 01443 749000.

Alternatively, to find out more you can DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE