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A Recap of National Apprenticeship Week 2024 

Between 5th – 11th February, Educ8 Training Group celebrated National Apprenticeship Week, shining a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships have on businesses and individuals across Wales.  

This year’s theme ‘skills for life’ emphasised the significance of lifelong learning and how apprenticeships offer employers an opportunity to invest in the future of their business. Employers can fill skills gaps and nurture and retain new talent, developing a motivated workforce to help build future careers, and support economic growth. 

Educ8 Training Group offer a wide range of innovative apprenticeship pathways. Fully funded by Welsh Government, individuals can study an accredited qualification in new areas such as Energy and Carbon Management and Digital Skills for Business, which aim to bring fresh skills and knowledge, enhancing not only their role, but also adding value to the wider team and business.  

Jude Holloway, Managing Director of Educ8 Training, acknowledges the significant impact apprenticeships have on businesses, “Apprenticeships are a proven model for developing a skilled workforce and an excellent vehicle to offer real opportunities for people to progress in their careers. There is no substitute for quality training within the workplace, filling skills gaps and making a tangible difference to individuals and employers.”   

ISA Training, part of Educ8 Training Group, offer apprenticeships in hair, beauty and barbering. Through events such as ISA Connect X Salon Help, Educ8 Training are helping businesses understand the power of apprenticeships and how they can overcome challenges within their organisation. 

Level 3 Barbering apprentice and ISA Ambassador, Morgan Thomason spoke at the event, The reason I think an apprenticeship is so beneficial is because you get to learn in a pressure free environment. When you’re at college, you’re constantly working to deadlines. When you’re in a salon, you’ve got more freedom and flexibility. 

Once I’ve completed my Level 3 in Barbering, I would love to go down the leadership and management route. I really enjoy helping others and I feel like I’ve unlocked that passion through doing my apprenticeship.” 

Apprenticeships offer a direct route into employment. Learners can progress their career through different levels of qualifications, with flexibility to explore other course routes to further enhance their skillset. Delivered in the workplace, they provide a contextual learning experience, developing skills specific to the job and are tailored around the needs of the business.  

Educ8 Training Group continues to advocate for apprenticeships and empowering businesses and individuals throughout Wales to invest in their future. With a diverse array of qualifications, there’s an opportunity for everyone to thrive. 

For more information on apprenticeships, visit: or get in touch to find out how you can grow your business. 

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