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02 July 2024

Supporting Success: Cardiff University’s Apprenticeship Journey with Educ8 Training

05 June 2024

My Journey in Curriculum Development and Project Management at Educ8 Training

21 May 2024

Making a difference to the planet through learning

14 May 2024

Wibli Wobli Nursery finds new home after fire devastation

14 March 2024

Journey to Leadership: A 22-Year Career at Riverwood Housing

12 February 2024

A Recap of National Apprenticeship Week 2024 

09 February 2024

Advancing Careers in the Childcare Sector Through Apprenticeships

08 February 2024

A Sky-High Journey: Catching Up with Sky’s Apprentices, One Year On

05 February 2024

Pathway to Success: Progressing Career with Apprenticeships

16 January 2024

Educ8 Training Group advocates for apprenticeships in the face of potential budget cuts

09 January 2024

Balancing Success: nurturing staff wellbeing, growth and enhancing retention

14 December 2023

Educ8 Training Group Launches Community Project Backed by UK Government to Improve Numeracy Skills in Neath-Port Talbot

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