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12 February 2024

A Recap of National Apprenticeship Week 2024 

Between 5th – 11th February, Educ8 Training Group celebrated National Apprenticeship Week, shining a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships have on businesses and individuals across Wales.   This year’s theme ‘skills for life’ emphasised the significance of lifelong learning and how apprenticeships offer employers an opportunity to invest in the future of their business. Employers can fill skills gaps and nurture and retain new talent, developing a motivated workforce to help build...

09 February 2024

Advancing Careers in the Childcare Sector Through Apprenticeships

08 February 2024

A Sky-High Journey: Catching Up with Sky’s Apprentices, One Year On

05 February 2024

Pathway to Success: Progressing Career with Apprenticeships

16 January 2024

Educ8 Training Group advocates for apprenticeships in the face of potential budget cuts

09 January 2024

Balancing Success: nurturing staff wellbeing, growth and enhancing retention

14 December 2023

Educ8 Training Group Launches Community Project Backed by UK Government to Improve Numeracy Skills in Neath-Port Talbot

13 December 2023

Fostering a culture of environmental responsibility 

05 December 2023

Educ8 Training wins ‘People-Led Growth’ award at Wales’ Fast 50

21 November 2023

Educ8 Training – Top 5 large company to work for in the UK 

16 November 2023

ILM Trainer Coach Andy Davey completes apprenticeship in Advice & Guidance

01 November 2023

Lifelong Learning is so Important

13 October 2023

I graduated thanks to my apprenticeship

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