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Educ8 Training celebrates apprenticeship graduates in landmark post-Covid ceremony

Graduates at leading apprenticeship provider Educ8 Training Group have been celebrated at an especially poignant graduation ceremony, for the first time since theCovid-19 pandemic.

The two-day event, held at Caerphilly’s historic Llanciaich Fawr Manor, saw graduates from 2019-2022 invited on stage individually to recognise their achievements, with guests in attendance and a livestream to welcome many more remotely.

Across four ceremonies, graduates in Leadership & Management, Business Administration,Advice & Guidance, Customer Service, Childcare, and Health &Social Care courses were honoured, as were ISA Training graduates who earned Hair,Beauty and Barbering qualifications.

Jude Holloway, Managing Director at Educ8 Training, said:“Our long-overdue Gradu8 Ceremony was a fantastic two-day celebration, applauding our learners who have overcome so many challenges in the last few years.

“Studying an apprenticeship during the Covid-19 pandemic has meant adjusting to online and new ways of learning. Being able to adapt and complete their qualifications is a huge achievement and we are so proud of everyone.”

In the last academic year, Educ8 Training has supported2,400 learners to achieve apprenticeship qualifications. More than 40% of these apprentices were younger than 24, while almost 30% were over 40 years old, demonstrating the appetite and importance for learning and development at all stages of life.

With Educ8’s comprehensive range of fully funded courses inCustomer Service, Business Administration, Leadership & Management,Marketing, Social Media, Health & Social Care, Hair & Beauty, Equine& Animal Care, apprenticeships offer learners of all ages invaluable practical learning opportunities and career progression in a variety of sectors.

Marie Maguire, who completed Level 3 Leadership & Management and Level 4 Advice & Guidance, while working for CitizensAdvice, said: “This apprenticeship was a way forward for me. It built my confidence, as it expanded my knowledge and made me think about my work differently. I have already recommended Educ8 to others – I now have four members of my team completing Level 4 Advice & Guidance!”

Apprenticeships continue to support business growth, bringing value through cutting edge knowledge and skills and the employer incentives available, which includes additional age and disability-based funding schemes.

As ambassadors for lifelong learning, Educ8 Training is pleased to support a wide range of apprentices, including Sarah Smith, Director of Sarona Training. A deaf learner, who’s primary language is BSL, Sarah studiedLevel 4 Leadership and Management.

She said: “When I began in 2019, I was working with theBritish Deaf Association, now I am the director of my own company by the name of Sarona Training, offering sign language training. Educ8 has really helped me, and I would like to say how appreciative I am.”

“I have learnt so much about leadership and management, but it has been a huge personal journey as well; finding out what my strengths are and what areas I need to develop in. Educ8 have given me such a fantastic opportunity to improve my skills.”

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