What is Jobs Growth Wales?

Jobs Growth Wales is a programme funded by Welsh Government which provides continuous support to young people in finding a job for 6 months at or above the National Minimum Wage. The aim behind the scheme is for the jobs to be sustained by the host employer as full-time after the end of the 6 month period.

Welsh Government is continuously working with their managing agents (like ourselves) and employers to generate new opportunities for the Jobs Growth Wales programme. Using European funding, the Jobs Growth Wales is expected to encourage the creation of nearly 9,000 new roles for youth aged 16-24 over the course of three years.

Grow your business with Jobs Growth Wales

Is your company expanding? Would you be able to support a young person to develop their skills and experience?  Are you interested in expanding your staff with youth at a low initial cost? If so, Jobs Growth Wales could be the programme for you!

The Jobs Growth Wales scheme can help you achieve your goals in growing your business by providing your team with passionate, work-ready people who are genuinely invested in seeing your company flourish. You can contact us to register your interest in joining the programme and we’ll help determine your eligibility.

Funded by the European Social Fund (via the Welsh Government), Jobs Growth Wales is designed to support organisations’ development whilst providing young people with a high-quality, 26-week work opportunity that leads to a sustainable job. To be eligible for the programme, your company must be based in Wales and have at least six months trading history in the third or private sector.

What’s involved?

  • We support you to advertise a quality job opportunity that can only be filled by an eligible young job-seeker (aged 16-24 years).
  • You interview and select the appropriate young person for your organisation. As your specialist Jobs Growth Wales managing agent, we’re here to help you find the perfect candidate.
  • The job must be for 26 weeks and the young person must work between 25-40 hours per week. Please note that all the Jobs Growth Wales jobs must be created in addition to your existing workforce, be sustainable and offer valuable experience. This does not include cover for maternity leave/sickness or roles which are already being advertised.
  • The participant must be paid at least the National Minimum Wage rate for their age. Jobs Growth Wales’ funding covers half of that, so we will reimburse you for 50% of the participant’s wage costs every month!
  • We will act as a supportive mediator between you and the participant; providing monthly advice and guidance to the participant and resolving any issues or queries that you may have. This way we can ensure that both the new recruit and your business get the most of the Jobs Growth Wales programme.
  • At the end of the 26 weeks we can support you to progress the young person onto a fully-funded Apprenticeship training programme.

Kickstart your career with Jobs Growth Wales

Are you looking to get onto the employment ladder on the right foot? Do you want to be part of a dynamic, fast-growing company? Are you keen to enter future sustainable employment and develop work skills crucial to employers? In that case, Jobs Growth Wales could be just the perfect opportunity for you!

The Jobs Growth Wales programme is truly a multi-beneficial solution for young people looking for the chance to gain paid work experience – with salary starting at the National Minimum Wage and ranging depending on your employer – and have the opportunity to see this become a full-time role.

All that’s required from you in order to be eligible for the Jobs Growth Wales work-based learning scheme is that you’re aged between 16 and 24, living in Wales and currently unemployed but ready to work. You should also not be part of any other Welsh Government employment programmes.

Just as with any other job, with Jobs Growth Wales you’ll not only gain valuable skills during your time with the host employer, but you’ll also have further progress opportunities in the company if you are the right fit.

 ‘I have accessed the Jobs Growth Wales programme via Educ8 every year for the last 4 years.  Before that I used a different provider and I must say the difference between the two was significant.  The service I receive from Educ8 is tremendous.  I wouldn’t use anyone else.’

Colin Voisey, CEO @ Cleartech Live Ltd.

We are contracted to deliver Jobs Growth Wales to organisations across South East and West Wales, so you should contact us today on 01443 749011 if you want to find out more or express your interest in being part of the Jobs Growth Wales programme. Once you get in touch, we’ll be able to determine your eligibility and evaluate the skills and abilities you have so we can help you find the right role.

The Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Jobs Growth Wales programmes, led by the Welsh Government, are supported by the European Social Fund, for more information please click here.