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NHS Biomedical scientist completes our ILM Leadership and Management qualifications

We caught up with Sandra Morgan, a Senior Biomedical scientist with Cardiff and Vale NHS trust who told us about her experiences of completing our ILM level 4 & 5qualifications in Leadership & Management.

Can you tell us about your job role and how the qualification will help you?

I am Senior Biomedical scientist with Cardiff and Vale NHS trust where I have been in my current middle management role for 4 years. I manage a total of 12 staff.Having achieved both the ILM Level 4 and 5 qualifications I have gained additional learning and theories that I can now use to manage my staff with greater success.

Does the organisation encourage staff development and do lots of staff take part?

Our roles largely require a scientific background. All staff recruited are required to have a minimum of a degree at entry level. There is also a vast amount of internal learning that each member of staff must complete to become and remain competent as well as internal courses that any employee can complete. 

However, once staff move into management roles qualifications such as ILM in leadership and management are recommended which are usually completed with external organisations like Educ8.

Why did you decide to study the qualification?

WhilstI felt I had good people skills I did not have any qualification or document to reflect this formally. Having completed both ILM level 4 and 5 I now feel I am better equipped to manage staff more successfully.

How did you find the support from Educ8 and did you have to study around other commitments (family life etc)?

I have a busy work and home life with two children. However, the appointments were flexible and were always arranged to suit me and my calendar. If I felt I was struggling with a particular piece of work my Learner Coach helped to guide me in the right direction. In addition, the start and end of each meeting always involved a social chat so meetings never felt too onerous.

Find out more about our ILM qualifications here

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