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Studying the ILM provided a boost in managerial confidence

Zenzy Flowers, a Registered Manager with New Directions has worked with Educ8 as along running employer, and learner. She tells us about the benefits that apprenticeships have brought to her and her workforce.


Moving up the career ladder

I’ve worked with Educ8 personally for 8 years. I studied my Health and Social Care Level 2, 3, 5 and Higher 5 and have now moved on to do the ILM Level 5. Studying the qualifications has been great as it has helped me move through promotions in my workplace and work my way up through the career ladder. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this learning.


Building confidence

Doing the leadership and management qualification now has been really beneficial. I feel like an expert within Health and Social Care but management is fairly new to me so this role was a big change. I wasn’t used to being the decision maker. I’ve been a manager for 2 years now and studying this qualification has given me the confidence I needed.


Varied qualifications

Over the years we have put over 100 of our staff on apprenticeships. Not just Health and Social Care but they have studied Administration, Advice and Guidance and ILM. We’ve always been informed by Educ8 about other courses available to us.


Promoting education from within the company

Apprenticeships are great for our staff as they learn the knowledge that is needed day in and out in their role. It’s important for us to promote education from within the company.


Find out more about the many qualifications we offer: Apprenticeships in Wales

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