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The importance of apprenticeships for the healthcare sector

Terry Baker is an Equipment LibraryTechnician at Bronglais Hospital HDUHB. He began studying Healthcare Science last year.


At 54 years old he tells us why he was reluctant to re-enter education and how the course has helped his confidence.


It’s important everyone keeps their skills up to date


In my job role, I make sure the correct equipment is supplied to the ward. It’s important I know what the patient wants so they get the best care and the equipment must work properly. I’m currently learning about patient centered care. I am so passionate about the module. It’s so important that everyone in healthcare, from receptionists to nurses, keeps their skills up to date on the topic.



I’ve got the learning bug


I have a lot more to learn, but have already decided I’ll continue learning after completion. What a buzz I have got so far from the course. I want to encourage others and show there is nothing to worry about. No-one is too old to learn. I was worried about doing my essential skills – especially maths. I surprised myself and done really well. I’m really enjoying my assignments. Work based learning is much better for me than sitting in a classroom.



The managers in work are very forward thinking


I was so reluctant to sign up to the course. I only agreed as my employer was persistent. I felt I wasn’t bright enough, too old and I would let people down. The managers in work are very forward thinking. They know what to do to get the best staff – which is to encourage continuous learning and development.



My trainer coach is a wonderful guide


I meet with my trainer coach Jo Duddridge over Teams. She is brilliant – she makes me feel like I can achieve so much. I don’t just want to complete the qualification for me or my employer, but I want to complete it for her too. I don’t see her as a teacher, but as a really wonderful guide.




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