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Developing staff makes them feel valued

Sophie Evans, Director at Touchstone Support Services tells us why the company decided to work with Educ8 and how apprenticeships have meant higher performance rates from staff.


The majority of our staff are studying apprenticeships

We have recently started working with Educ8 Training. We have 17 staff and nine of them are studying apprenticeships with Educ8. Six staff members are studying Level 3 Children and Young People and three are studying the Level 4 and 5 Preparing for Management.


Educ8 are proactive and reliable

Our staff are really enjoying their courses, they have fed back that Educ8 are proactive, consistent and reliable. The assessors have been friendly and professional and have provided consistent support to our staff .The majority of our staff are relatively new to the qualifications, and all of them feel supported. They found the induction process reassuring and feel comfortable with the qualification and what is expected of them.


Show your staff they are valued

By our staff studying apprenticeships, we have been able to encourage staff progression and natural growth within our company. I would encourage other businesses to develop their staff and teams. Show your staff they are valued and invested in and let them naturally grow within the company. We have seen higher performance rates from our staff since they have stared their qualifications.


Touchstone Support Services provide support to families and young people within their own home. The company ensure young people stay out of foster care, residential homes and secure units.

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