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Making a difference to the planet through learning

In today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, organisations are continually challenged to meet the growing energy demands of their operations. With Welsh Government’s new law for all organisations to sort their waste for recycling, it’s important now more than ever for companies to work towards lowering their carbon footprint.

Natasha Davis, Team Leader, Economy & Neighbourhood Regeneration at Vale of Glamorgan Council, learned the importance of sustainability in the workplace studying on our Energy & Carbon Management apprenticeship.

Looking towards a more sustainable future

‘As the Net Zero agenda is on the rise, more projects we are working with have a decarbonisation element. This is a cross-cutting theme and is embedded in lots of our work now. Specifically, for me, I am leading on the councils Local Area Energy Plan (LAEP) and therefore when I learned about the Energy and Carbon Management Qualification, I felt it was a good fit. In addition to this, we are being asked more and more for support by our local businesses on decarbonising their businesses so it’s really important I have some knowledge in this area too.’

A varied learning experience

‘I am really enjoying broadening my knowledge about reducing carbon emissions in more detail. Before starting the course, I was concerned it would be more technically focussed but it is a really balanced and broad course with lots around energy management in the workplace, community engagement, and behaviour changes to energy procurement. I am really interested in these areas, and they are very relevant to my work area, so it’s been really enjoyable.

I have a monthly meeting with my trainer to check-in on progress. My trainer is available for questions prior to this in addition. In between this I am working on the module questions or tasks. My trainer coach has been really supportive and helpful, and I am enjoying these check-in sessions.’

Balancing home life and studying

‘I have a busy work and home life with two young children, and I am chair of a charity outside of work. Therefore, taking on anything in addition to this is always a challenge! However, I always think it’s so important to invest in yourself. In this particular subject, I passionately feel we all have a role to play in decarbonising the world we live in so whilst I am doing the course in work time, I am happy to put the hours in to get it done because I value the importance of this knowledge.’

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Natasha for sharing her story.

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