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Stephanie tells us how her Californian trip to nanny her nephew kickstarted her childcare career.

I didn’t have the right qualifications

I studied A levels in sixth form but left due to ill health.Once I was better, I returned to college but shortly after my sister moved toCalifornia. I decided to go with her and nanny my Nephew for six months. While caring for him I monitored his development and it sparked my interest in childcare.

I came back home wanting to work in childcare but didn’t have the qualifications. I found Educ8 and started studying Level 3 Children’sCare, Play, Learning and Development as part of my role with The Children’s DayNursery in Bridgend, from there things just took off.


My job is very rewarding

I look after children aged 3 who have additional learning needs(ALN). Our team can make referrals so they can access support. We have fantastic facilities and a dedicated space for sensory learning. Some children struggle with loud noises for example so our sensory room provides a safe space.


The qualification is tailored to my role

My favourite unit has been Behaviour and Behaviour Management.The unit is closely related to my job. I’ve been learning how to manage and assess a child’s behaviour.

I’ve also enjoyed the Speech and Language unit. Some children are nonverbal. The unit has taught me other ways to communicate, such as flash cards or a picture exchange communication system.


My trainer coach encourages me

I have an assigned Trainer Coach called Becky. She’s been incredible. She’s always on hand and we have regular catch-ups on the phone and at the nursery to discuss my progress and learning. The support has been really good and due to the flexibility of being able to access the learning resources online I have been able to fit studying around my other commitments.  


I am able to learn, earn a wage and work

When I was in school I didn’t know what I wanted to do and focused on university. Educ8 has allowed me to diversify and to follow the right path for me. I’ve been able to learn and gain a qualification while being in a job.

Read more about our childcare qualifications here


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