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The time has never been more right to do the right thing

People with a disability are a valuable asset to workplaces of all sizes, bringing new life experiences, skill-sets, talents and perspectives that are both worth while and exciting. Diversity and inclusivity in the workplace then is not only the right thing to do, it makes good business sense.

Educ8 are passionate about helping employers recruit and retain the very best talent, from all walks of life, and are pleased to announce that we have recruited an Inclusive Apprenticeship job coach, David Jones, with the support of the Welsh Government, who will be assisting people with disabilities into supported apprenticeships/work placements.

Apprenticeship Recruitment Incentives do in fact mean that there has never been a better time to recruit an apprentice. Employers in Wales are eligible for an incentive of up to £5,500 for recruiting an apprentice with a disability.

Proven to be more committed and loyal, employees with a disability are more likely to stay with a company longer and have less sickness absence, meaning businesses can better retain the key skills needed to succeed. A diverse workforce that offers true representation of your client base meanwhile enables you to better represent, and market to, the communities and sectors you work in. By taking on a disabled apprentice you are demonstrating that you’re a modern, forward-thinking, industry-leading, employer that is focused on attracting only the very best staff.

One of the many myths that surrounds the recruitment of disabled people generally is that the cost of doing so will be extensive. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: often very little, and sometimes no, workplace adjustments need to be made to take on a disabled employee. Access to Work funding mean while is available to support any reasonable additional support needs, at no cost to the employer, though the average workplace adjustments required do in fact cost just £30.

Educ8’s industry-leading online training platforms make learning time totally flexible for our apprentices, meaning learners are better able to meet employer needs and focus on the duties of their role. Our Job Coach, David, will support all participants on an Inclusive Apprenticeship, acting too as a point of contact for employers should they have any queries or require guidance and information.

To find out more contact David on  



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