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The value of apprenticeships

We caught up with Megan Mock from Playworks the Meadows Farm Village Retreat, who chatted to us about the value apprentices bring to her business.  

Opportunities for development

We are a community farm, and we are just in the process of getting our zoo license. Our goal is to be an interactive zoo so people can be much more hands on with the animals and not just see them from a distance. We are also open to schools and toddlers and host educational visits.  

Apprentices are enthusiastic workers

We currently have four employees on apprenticeships with us through Haddon Training. It has been extremely rewarding to have them on board because they learn new skills while they work. Our apprentices show total enthusiasm for the role, as caring for animals is their passion. This improves their work ethic as they enjoy what they do. They haven’t just come and got a job here, it is something that they want to do. It benefits us as they are keen learners.  

Hands on experience throughout the business

Staff development is important for us. We have just set up a rota to provide our apprentices with experience in different areas of the business. They now get to have experience with reptile encounters, petting experiences and as farm assist coordinators. Previously only managers were doing it and now we get a helping hand. They are all progressing quickly – we have given them all challenges that they have risen to beautifully.  

Our relationship with Haddon Training

I would definitely recommend that other businesses consider taking on apprentices, because you get workers that truly want to be there. Our relationship with Haddon Training has been brilliant, especially with their Trainer Coach Rowan. If we ever need anything, she is there.  

Considering recruiting an apprentice to boost your business? Contact Educ8 for more information on how you can benefit from apprenticeships.  

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