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Top Welsh apprenticeship provider Educ8 appoints Haddon Training COO

Educ8 Training, one of Wales’ leading education and training providers, has appointed Marianne Fletcher as the new Chief Operating Officer of Haddon Training.

Educ8’s acquisition of the Berkshire-based organisation at the start of the year marked the business’ expansion into England and enhances its offering of apprenticeships in equine, animal care, zookeeping and business.

Haddon Training is the leading skills trainer in the equestrian sector, working with a wide array of employers from riding and livery stables, equestrian centres, breeding and stud yards.

Ms Fletcher holds a wealth of experience in both training provisions, having worked in the industry for 20 years, and asa British Dressage competitor and experienced yard owner, earning a number of national dressage titles.

Speaking of her new appointment as COO, MsFletcher said: “Understanding the industries that we work with so closely is crucial to Haddon Training. As Chief Operating Officer not only am I truly passionate about learning and the development of people, but I am also incredibly passionate about horses, and indeed all animals. To be able to live and breathe this in my daily work is perfect.

“I am looking forward to working with our employers and affiliated partners to create some very exciting and unique pathways for our learners in the future, as well as developing a market leading learning culture for the equine industry.”

The appointment of Ms Fletcher marks a significant development for Haddon Training, which, since becoming apart of the Educ8 Group, has seen increased resources and investment to expand and grow further than ever before.

Founded in 2004 to address skills shortages in Wales, Educ8 now employs over 200 staff and partners with Welsh Government organisations to deliver quality apprenticeships and training in the workplace to ensure employers, learners, and staff reach their full potential.

In an exceptional period of growth, the company recently became employee-owned, with staff collectively owning the majority shareholding, and completed its fourth acquisition.

Ms Fletcher continued: “Apprenticeships are the way forward for any career choice. The new equine apprenticeship standards provide the breadth of knowledge and insight necessary to support participants’ future careers, as they not only tackle the practical element of horsemanship but also the underlying governance and people skills needed.

“The opportunity to be able to broaden your own skills and knowledge whilst continuing to work in an industry you are so passionate about is invaluable.”

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