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Why Study In Welsh?


If you study in Welsh you can benefit your career, have flexible study options and receive support with study and language skills while bringing a part of the Welsh Language and culture to your workplace.

82% of businesses in Wales say that using the Welsh language adds value to their services. More and more employers are looking for staff to offer bilingual services to their customers. 

Studying bilingually helps you to get a deeper understanding of your chosen subject. It enriches your learning experience by offering a Welsh perspective on your subject, unique and varied experiences while learning, uplifting your skills to use Welsh in the workplace and most importantly keeping the Welsh Language alive.  

Study some or all of your qualification through Welsh

You can study some or all of your qualification here at Educ8. You can study as much or as little as you want, we can support you whatever level of Welsh you are at. Not only are you benefitting from career progression with completing your qualification in Welsh, but you are also supporting your workplace with Welsh Language and culture.  

We offer a Prentis-Iaith course that supports fluent and non-fluent Welsh speakers, this course will gain you the understanding of the importance of the Welsh language and culture as a skill for the workplace in the first 5 units. While the content of Unit 6 is tailored to different vocational subjects.  

If you are interested in studying a part or all of your course in Welsh, please get in touch and we can discuss your options.  

What are the benefits of studying in Welsh?

There are many benefits of studying your qualification in Welsh. 2 million people in Wales believe that businesses should offer a bilingual service to customers. 40% of job descriptions in Wales require the ability to speak Welsh and English and 71% of people agree that bilingualism helps when looking for a job.  

Scientific studies have shown that there are many benefits to being bilingual. Did you know that it is easier to learn other languages, improves your memory and cognitive skills and people that are bilingual can focus on tasks a lot better?

Studying in Welsh enabled me to continue using the language that I am proud to speak. It’s important to keep Welsh language and culture alive. Picking up a few new Welsh words as I learn also increased my Welsh vocabulary.

Amy Jones, Essential Skills Specialist, Educ8 Training

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